Mona - Testimonial

Pilates instructor and Master trainer

My educational and physical training experience with Ammar Sabbah shaped the trainer and athlete I am today. The manner in which Ammar teaches is uncomparable to any I’ve seen. He’s capable of breaking down and explain information to anyone with any educational background, in a way that they can easily understand the most complex information, and the information you learn sinks in your brain forever because it makes sense! Brilliant!! Only a highly gifted educator can do that, and that person is Ammar Sabbah. Thank you for your brilliant teaching!

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Rita - Testimonial


Ammar is a master! He made me a personal trainer and I learnt a lots of biomechanics and anatomy. Ammar encouraged me at all time and I'm so thankful for him. He is a great leader with a huge heart!

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We believe exercise and nutrition is a preventive medicine therefore it is a healthcare profession. A trainer should be the 1st stop for health issues.

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