What is RTS?

Resistance Training Specialist

We are the only course that prepares you for RTS level 1


RTS: Resistance Training Specialist Certification


What will you learn:

  • We focus on one subject, Exercise Mechanics. There are no more subjects taught in  RTS.
  • The course will teach you the effects of force on various joints and body structures and solidify the concept that behind any exercise program you teach or conduct is Force& Movement (even if all you do is teach aerobics of Group classes)
  • You learn to analyze risk vs rewards of each exercise you prescribe for each client, you will be able to apply that knowledge to Pilates, powerlifting, Olympic lifting, GX classes CrossFit HIIT etc.…Course Format:
  • 4 days workshop with a mix of theory and practical, however practical is the heavier part of the course
  • You will be provided with a manual
  • Come with exercise clothes as you will be doing practical work
  • The exam will be online for theoretical part
  • A practical exam will be conducted 4 weeks post workshop