Welcome to The CoFactor

It is well known all beginnings are difficult and ours is not an exception.

We are excited to begin our journey and help to start the careers of fitness enthusiasts for a prosperous future in the field. We have put together a package of courses from introduction level, to advance science thanks to the expertise of our main educators, Ammar  Sabbah and Mark Slavin.

Why The Cofactor?

“In Biochemistry a cofactor is a substance whose presence is essential for the activity of enzymes”. We want to be that molecule/substance (without the gross element implied)

The Cofactor is based in Dubai but we are covering the Middle East and Asia to bring the knowledge we think is missing in the industry nowadays, where everything is a grab and go accreditation that leaves individuals unprepared and wondering what’s next.

With a good amount of wittiness along with experience, our workshops are engaging and will give you the tools to build your career and help people with their fitness goals. If there is something we are proud of is the success of our trainers and how their clients become testimonials of their passion. We want to bring fitness and nutrition where it belongs to the health industry, teaching trainers to assess their clients individually by their personal limitations without the “one size fits them all” attitude that is the standard to determine the client’s fitness level.

Not trying to bust other programs, we just want to train your critic eye to judge from a wiser point of view fo what methods can help you and your clients in every context.

With this, we say see you soon and looking forward to the beginning of our relationship.

Stay cool,

The CoFactor


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