1- Personal training Certification

a. Register in AAPTE personal trainer course

b. Receive Material to start preparing for the course

c. Attend a 5 Day workshop

d. Undergo Practical Exam

e. Study for theory exam

f. Take Exam online / Proctored

2- Upon Receiving Certification:

a. Register with proper local authorities for your country or region

b. You will be eligible for the mentoring program provided by The Cofactor

3- After Receiving your Certificate

a. Start planning your CEC Credits (also called CPDs in some organizations)

b. You are required to obtain 20 CECs every 2 years to maintain your AAPTE certification

c. 5 out of 20 credits must be from AAPTE

d. If you obtain CECs from a different source not approved by AAPTE, you must send a petition to be credited with the proper points. Approving the points is at the discretion of AAPTE

e. We advise that you create a CEC plan, pace yourself and distribute the CECs all through the 24 months. You will arrive to renewal point safely and allow yourself to improve your skills gained by CECs

f. Check your local authority requirements for CECs or CPDs, as they may differ from AAPTE requirements

4- Renewal of Certificate

a. Send your renewal application and CECs proof to AAPTE

b. Pay renewal fees





1- Attend a basic Anatomy course

2- Attend the MORE: 6 steps process course

3- It is best to have at least a Personal Training certification prior to attending MORE course in preparation for RTS Certification

4- Attend the 4-day workshop

5- Study for the exam

6- Do the exam online

7- We highly advise to apply your knowledge immediately as it takes practice to master the skills

After Receiving RTS level 1 Certificate

1- You can benefit from the mentoring program provided by The cofactor

2- You might want to plan on going to Level 2 RTS, which highly improves your deep understanding of exercise mechanics and force applications